Arkforum Event Map (Somtimes The Center or The Island) Event Map

[1000x XP, 75x Breed/Tame]




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This map is an event map for clustered servers. The idea is that you can use this map on a server  cluster to start some events. You can use the given areas and features or just start your own event!


  • Colosseum to fight against bosses, waves of creatures or just participate in a PvP match.
  • World buff that prevents hunger and thirst.
  • Arena gates that can only be opened by admins.
  • Jousting area to start your own jousting tournaments.
  • Pillars with rings placed atop for performing flier races.
  • Small medieval town (WIP) with a little RP market for ambiance and maybe RP or open PvP.

Custom Content:

Giant Multistory PvP Maze/Arena

  • Maze comprises of 24 wide x 24 long foundation base, 3 stories high.
  • 14 private gated starting rooms where teams can equip themselves prior and during the race. Stocked full of metal Swords and Shields, full cloth armor, and every single color of dye I can spawn.
  • Multiple random dangers as well as weaponry scattered throughout.
  • Gates are pinned so I can open them all at once.
  • Maze ends up turning into a bloodbath.

Private Shipyards:

  • 7 private, indestructible births where teams can build their fleets for battle.
  • Each team gets to claim their own private birth for the duration of the event.
  • Private beds for spawn points.
  • Already equipped with the related crafting benches.
  • Behemoth gates to sail out of once ready.